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May 2, 2014 4:00am EDT
nigeria is expecting. nigeria is the biggest economy right now. do you think we will fall behind the rest of the continent? >> growth numbers do not tell the whole story. it is about what historically you have established as your economic base. it is about the sophistication of business interest, if you can economy.hat, in one's but also the sophistication of the enterprises we have. while the number itself might suggest one set of issues. looks at the economic infrastructure and capabilities of south african firms and the manner in which they have penetrated the african continent financialining, services, telecommunications, south africa is in a league of its own. >> will you remain in his position after elections? >> i will arrange an apartment with the president. you can ask him that russian. >>-- you can ask him that question. tonobody expects the anc lose this election, but it is about how big the majority actually is. what are people saying? what is the story? >> we know the anc is accustomed to getting around 55% of the votes and even higher. some are talking about something below
May 2, 2014 3:00am EDT
growth rate relative to what nigeria is expecting, do will be falling behind the rest of the continent? >> historically, you have established a new economic base. it is about the sophistication -- also the sophistication of the business enterprises that we have. for -- whereas the number itself might attest to one set of issues, if one looks at the economic base and economic infrastructure and capabilities of south african firms and the manner it in which their backs are penetrated the african continent, whether it is mining services, financial services, telecommunications, south africa is in a league of its own. >> will you be remaining in this position after the election? >> you can ask the president that question. we are joined now from johannesburg with more on her conversation. just a few days ago, we are seeing money of strike activity taking place in south africa. what does all that tell us about the state of the south african economy right now? >> we talk about a strike action in the country, 70,000 miners are currently on strike. it is the longest ever running strike in south
May 2, 2014 1:00am EDT
largest economy in africa, number two to nigeria. when you look at the other growth rates, they are set to grow by 5.5%. south africa, by 2.7%. we're seeing inequality. remember, we right now have the longest ever running platinum strike seen in this country. 70,000 workers on strike. it basically shows that we're really concerned about not only the inequality on the front but also that 31% of the population is below the poverty line and the finance minister saying we have to address these issues going forward. > thank you very much. >> voted the best restaurant in the world top 50 they retain the an italian ot restaurant came in at number three. for more on what it takes to be a winner the world of fine dining, we're joined by one of the judges on the list. richard, thank you for joining us. is it a worthy winner? >> it is a fantastic restaurant. thought the number three was going to win this year. for it to come back at the top spot is a surprise. the food is amazing. it is so invent pifment >> what does it take to win? you can't be traditional and win this award? is that the take
Apr 28, 2014 12:00pm EDT
nigeria and they see a toernment that is willing fire the central bank governor, a guy who was cleaning up their banking system, how do they get comfortable? how do you make them comfortable? >> you are right. think he is one of the best central bank governors in the world and was doing very positive things. sub-saharan africa is not one integrated country. it is 46 different countries and each will be different. some are in better shape for investment than others. we do think nigeria is a big and important opportunity. i think what our business model has differentiated in many investors in africa starts with our decision to raise urban and equity and list on the london stock exchange. for the companies we are looking to acquire that is a big positive. it is permanent equity, it is not going to come out when the lp wants it to come out. i think the second part of the business model that differentiates us is we do not think of ourselves as just investors. we really think of ourselves as operators. positionsing majority and working very closely with the management teams to actual
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4